Founded in New York in 2019, GYM BAE is a technical athletic apparel company for women. Our Founder worked in health in fitness for 15 years and realized it was time to integrate fitness apparel, fashion, and technology into one single brand. We realized each female athlete regardless of fitness level is an individual so her work out gear should be the same. When you purchase a product from GYM BAE you join our fitness family. 




Our designs were made for women to wear during Yoga while running, and when doing serious athletic training. Not to mention, our designers are athletes, personal trainers, and fitness enthusiasts as well. We survey our customers to find out their needs, how they train, and what they find to be comfortable. 


Our products are designed to empower women to reach their full potential not only in the gym but in life. We provide the resources, tools, constant motivation, and support to help them excel. Our Core Value of offering a superior quality product at an affordable price is the pillar that holds us all up every day. Welcome to the revolution in fitness for the female athlete.  



Girls Doing Push Ups